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Traditional Galette des rois

Traditional Galette des rois l Switch language for recipe in French l Traditional Galette des rois For 8 servings Preparation time: 45min , Resting time: 1h45, Cooking time: 55 min Puffy pastry Preparation time: 20 min, Resting time: 1h30 PREPARATION In a bowl pour the sifted flour. Add the salt […]

Cake, Vegetarian

Chocolate Mud cake

Chocolate Mud Cake l Switch language for recipe in French l I wanted to test a long time ago this delicious cake, rich in chocolate and highly acclaimed in Anglo-Saxon countries. Well it’s done! I confess to have been scared when I saw the amount of sugar contained in the cake […]

Cake, Vegetarian

Crunchy Christmas Bûche

Crunchy Christmas Bûche l Switch language for recipe in French l The long-awaited day by children is finally here ! It’s time for gifts, moments of laughter and joy with family and it is also the expected moment to savour the famous Christmas bûche ! I’ll give you today the […]

Cake, Vegetarian

Mascarpone chocolate fudge cake

Mascarpone chocolate fudge cake l Switch language for recipe in French l Perhaps, you’ve already heard about this chocolate fudge cake. It’s different from the other chocolate fudge cakes as it doesn’t contain butter ! Make no mistake , if a chocolate cake without fat existed, we’d know it! In […]