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Cake, Vegetarian

Apricots Streusel

Apricots Streusel l Switch language for recipe in French l Apricots Streusel For 10 serves Preparation time: 20 min , cooking time: 40 min Cake Streusel PREPARATION Whisk the eggs with sugar, flour, soft butter, vanilla sugar, baking powder, milk. Butter a mould and pour the mixture inside. Cut the apricots in 4 […]

Cake, Power food, Vegetarian

Sunday cake (without fat)

Sunday cake (without fat) l Switch language for recipe in French l Sunday cake (without fat) For 10 serves Preparation time: 10 min, cooking time : 30 à 40 min PREPARATION Preheat oven to 170°C. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl with an electric until a smooth mix. Butter a cake pan and pour in the […]

Cake, Pie, Vegetarian

Traditional Galette des rois

Traditional Galette des rois l Switch language for recipe in French l Traditional Galette des rois For 8 servings Preparation time: 45min , Resting time: 1h45, Cooking time: 55 min Puffy pastry Preparation time: 20 min, Resting time: 1h30 PREPARATION In a bowl pour the sifted flour. Add the salt […]