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Gnocchis with pumpkin cream

l Switch language for recipe in French l Gnocchis with pumpkin cream For approximately 45 gnocchi (2-3 people) Preparation time: 1h15 Cooking time: 15min Preparation of the gnocchi dough Cook the potatoes with their skin in boiling water for 30-35 min or until the potatoes slip on the blade of […]

Vinaigre de fraises
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Strawberry vinegar

Strawberry vinegar l Switch language for recipe in French l An original idea for your green salads dressing! Strawberry vinegar is very easy to make , can be stored up to two months and will surprise the taste of your guests. A little sweetness to offset the bitterness of green […]

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Bolognese ragù sauce

Bolognese ragù sauce l Switch language for recipe in French l The ragù Bolognese sauce is not very complicated to make. To be successful, it requires good quality products and to simmer for a long time (two hours !!!) to develop its full flavor. These two elements are the secret […]