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Ricotta and basil raviolis

Ricotta and basil raviolis l Switch language for recipe in French l Ricotta and basil raviolis For 20 raviolis Preparation time: 1h , refrigeration time: 1 h , cooking time: 10 min Raviolis dough Raviolis stuffing PREPARATION Raviolis dough Mix the flour with the beaten eggs and a small amount of water. The […]

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Pumpkin risotto

Pumpkin risotto l Switch language for recipe in French l To cook a good risotto, you will have to be patient . You must not leave the pan and stir constantly so that the rice cooks regularly without hanging the bottom. Add the hot broth using a ladle just before […]

Rice & Pasta

Homemade ravioli

Homemade ravioli l Switch language for recipe in French l In this recipe of ravioli , everything is homemade : stuffing, ravioli dough and tomato sauce.If the idea of ​​making your ravioli dough scares you, you can always use fresh lasagna sheets. To fix the dough, use an egg yolk […]