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Puffy pastry

Puffy pastry l Switch language for recipe in French l Puffy pastry For 4 puffy pastry Preparation time: 20 min, Resting time: 1h30 PREPARATION In a bowl pour the sifted flour. Add the salt and 3/4 of the water. Mix the dough. Add the remaining water and form a ball. […]

Bread & Pastry, Vegetarian

Homemade french baguette

Homemade french baguette l Switch language for recipe in French l Today I’ll tell you the secret recipe of the homemade french baguette! A recipe very easy to make. I also slipped you a little video in the recipe in order to show you the professional method for kneading bread. […]

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Croque monsieur

Croque monsieur l Switch language for recipe in French l The croque monsieur is a famous hot sandwich made ​​of bread , ham and Emmental . There are many variants and I have decided today to make it with creme fraiche to bring smoothness . The recipe is fast, easy […]

Pain de petit épeautre
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Spelt bread

Spelt bread l Switch language for recipe in French l Spelt is a cereal discovered 10 000 years ago, in a South East of Turkey, in the mountains of Karadag. Today, this cereal arouses more and more interest for consumers conscious of their health. It is characterized by the richness and quality of […]

Pain cocotte
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Cocotte bread

Cocotte bread   l Switch language for recipe in French l Cocotte bread is a bread baked in a cocotte (casserole dish). The white is very soft, the crust is lovely golden brown, a bread just perfect such as the one coming from the baker! Cocotte bread PREPARATION Mix baker’s yeast in […]